Let our work tell our story.

A youth-designed, strategic guide to voting in Ohio
Suicide prevention tools and training
Reducing the impact of HIV/AIDS in SouthWest Ohio
Connecting immigrants and community for a stronger region
Holiday Junction gets a refresh
Queen City proud
Leadership design for social change
Instilling neighborhood pride
Building up tech in the Queen City
Community response project
Crisis intervention at your fingertips
Providing tools and treatment for early-onset, serious mental illness
A community-based response to intervention
Sustainable transportation solutions at the touch of a button
Helping education go further
Thoughtful progress and preservation
Real experiences, real talk
Helping youth and families right where they are
Strategic and sustainable transportation infrastructure
The ride you need, when you need it
Getting back in the game
Shape your future. Start here.
Getting oriented from day one
Community-centered, mobile programming
Collective communities combating structural inequity

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