Let our work tell our story.

Industry: Not-for-Profit

A community-based response to intervention
Shape your future. Start here.
Helping youth and families right where they are
Providing tools and treatment for early-onset, serious mental illness
Getting oriented from day one
Instilling neighborhood pride
Re-imagining our clean energy future
Peer-to-peer support, education and advocacy
The intersection of play and design
Celebrating our region's rich architectural landscape
Collaborative design processes
A youth-designed, strategic guide to voting in Ohio
Connecting immigrants and community for a stronger region
Early childhood wellness and empowerment
Real experiences, real talk
Queen City proud
Celebrating 50 years of environmental stewardship
Thoughtful progress and preservation
From service to start-up
Holiday Junction gets a refresh
Helping education go further
Collective communities combating structural inequity
Community-centered, mobile programming
Crisis intervention at your fingertips
Strategic support for our returning Veterans
Reducing the impact of HIV/AIDS in SouthWest Ohio
Suicide prevention tools and training
Leadership design for social change

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